Master your craft

Make merge a breeze

SemanticMerge turns impossible merges into automatic and a scary step into just another skill you master
SemanticMerge a craftsmanship tool

What makes SemanticMerge different?

SemanticMerge Git Built-in merge Beyond Compare Araxis Kdiff3 P4merge
Can solve automatic merges?
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Helps solving conflicts
3-way merge
Yes No
Only if you think vim is a mergetool
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Side-by-side diff
Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Understands the source code to solve merge conflicts
Yes No No No No No
Understands the code to diff based structure
Yes No No No No No
Explains the merge in a diagram
Yes No No No No No
Can merge a method moved to different position
Yes No No No No No
Optionally warns you with non-conflict changes on same method
Yes No No No No No

How it works?

First it parses the code to and then calculates the diff or merge based on the structure.

Check the following case: it is a nightmare to solve with other tools, but automatic for SemanticMerge:

How it works

Success stories

Dirk Rombauts

"SemanticMerge takes the stress out of merging and lets me merge with confidence..."

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Markus Schleipen
Just Intelligence GmbH

"PerforceMerge, which is the tool we have been using until now, is awesome, but SemanticMerge simply outperformed it."

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Joey Smith

"SemanticMerge has allowed me to forge ahead with more confidence in my ability to manage, manipulate, and merge the contributions from YUICompressor's..."

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Dan Turner
Cloud House

"We like SemanticMerge because has an excellent UI that helps to merge changes quickly by focusing on conflicts in the logic rather than wading through..."

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Mike Lawton
DaProSystems, Inc

"SemanticMerge has been enormously helpful in taming that complex process.
I can, with confidence, separate what requires my attention to resolve and what SemanticMerge does brilliantly..."

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